August 31, 2019
6 months and 26 days since
our celebration.

Greetings Family,
The Speight family represents a legacy of music, a love for God, and devotion to family.  Our branches extend from deep roots in the Church as we proudly display our motto, “The Family That Prays Together, Stays Together”.  We have come together almost every year, for as long as most of us remember, for a family reunion in Snow Hill, North Carolina to express our love and strengthen our family bond.  While enjoying good food and seeing faces we haven’t seen in a while, we work together, pray together, sing, play games, remember those we’ve lost, introduce new family members and friends, and embrace one another over and over again.

The good times shared at our fish fries and family reunions are engrained in our memories and will be carried on to the next generation and the next.  We count on each other for encouragement and support in the rough times and, whether times are good or bad, we are always reassured that we are loved.  It’s a beautiful legacy and it is up to all of us to keep it alive.  This web page is designed to do just that; to help us stay in touch, share information about ourselves and our special events, and to be more transparent and organized while planning our family reunions.  As each one completes the family tree form, we will better understand how we are linked together as family, and as we view the photos and read our history, we will smile, knowing God has smiled on us.

Last but not least, stay strong in the LORD and keep the FAITH, believe in the promises of God, and continue to pray for and love each other.  As you visit our web page, we hope that you will enjoy learning about our lineage, viewing the photos, listening to songs by family members, playing the games, sharing a recipe, and adding your suggestions.  Please pass this site on to other family members and encourage them to participate.  Everyone’s part is important and needed.  As we voice our suggestions, let us add action to your shared inspirations.  Help to make this site and our gatherings more fulfilling and enjoyable by becoming involved.   Please contact us at speightnc@hotmail.com or on this website’s message board page with your ideas.  If your city would like to host our next reunion, let us know. 

See you at the 2019 Speight Family Reunion in Wilson, NC

What is one thing the Speight Family is known for?

Being Late
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