Ever felt like you are alone and no one understands you? Even when you are with a crowd of people, you still feel alone because you haven’t found what you are looking for? You know, like you just don’t fit in anywhere? There is a woman in the bible who felt the same. As a matter of fact she went to a dinner party where she was not officially invited looking for someone. She heard about a man who was doing miracles and were changing the lives of people; giving them peace.
The word got out that he was invited to a Pharisee’s house for dinner. The Pharisees were a part of the religious order in that time. They were very pious and staunch, meaning that the common people could not come into their home unless they were invited. This woman was common and a sinner but yet she was in the home of the Pharisee. Simon, the Pharisee, knew she was a sinner because he commented to himself that “if this man was a prophet, he would have known who and what kind of woman she was because she was a sinner.
It is not clear if the whole town knew who and what kind of sinner this woman was. It is clear that Pharisee knew her story. There was a connection between the Pharisee and the woman because he allowed her to come into his home uninvited. Could it have been that he had to let her in to avoid an even more uncomfortable situation if he had not allowed her to be there?
So here she was, in a home where she really was not genuinely welcomed, knowing that her sinful lifestyle was known by others. Yet what they didn’t know or couldn’t see was the pain she carried in heart. No one knew her story or what circumstances in life caused her to become the sinner she was. No one could see how tired she was of what she had become. She didn’t want to feel alone anymore. She wanted to belong to someone.
Something deep inside her told her if she could get to Jesus, she would find what she was looking for and receive the healing of her heart and soul that she needed. Because she had a sense of who Jesus really was, her own guilt and shame was so great that she could only stand behind him and weep with great tears.
Though she came to him in need of something, she brought three significant offerings to him:  
(1)    Her tears flowed so frequently that she washed Jesus’ feet with her tears.
(2)    The only glory she had was her hair. She dried his feet with her hair.
(3)    She gave of her provisions. She took an expensive oil and anointed his feet.
In turn, Jesus gave her what she was looking –love and peace. Peace from the guilt and shame that came because of her lifestyle. Jesus is the Prince of Peace. His unconditional love gave her forgiveness for the sinful things she had done. For the first time in her life, she found someone who loved her despite who she was or what she had done.
Are you looking for someone like that? If you are, look no further. The one you seek is just a prayer away. Call on him today and watch him answer you. HE LOVES YOU
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