Welcome!  We are the proud descendants of

Walter Speight

of Snow Hill, North Carolina.


Walter Speight, the son of Robert (Bob) Speight and Emma Brown was raised in Greene County, North Carolina.  Walter’s sisters were Clyde, Lizzie, Nora, and Lillie Speight and he had one brother, Sim Speight.  Their family lived as sharecroppers for many years. 
Walter, in early manhood, met Miss. Hattie Sauls, the daughter of Isaac and Nallie Sauls.  Hattie’s family were sharecroppers and landowners in Greene County.  She had one sister, Mariah (Missy) and six brothers, George, Eddie, Lubbie, Walter, Johnny, and Isaac.
Walter and Hattie had a short courtship and were soon married.  To this union was born eleven children:  Will, Gary, Walter (Jack), Roosevelt (Boug), Pryann, Ervin, Thomas, Emma, Hattie, Ethel (Poke), and Lizzie (Mice).  It wasn’t easy having to raise so many in one house but they persevered and, with God’s help, they made it.   All of them were dedicated, hard workers who enjoyed the simple pleasures of life.
After the lost of Hattie, Walter Speight married his second wife Latha (Wade/Edwards) Speight.  Through their union, God gifted them with a son, Walter "Tommy" Speight, Jr. 
The Speight family always displayed a caring, generous character that blessed everyone around them.  They were rich in love and in talent.  The Speight’s had gifts of singing, preaching and playing musical instruments, and they and could fix just about anything that was broken.  Though they worked in the fields during the day, in the evening they enjoyed good meals and harmonizing together, while singing their favorite songs.  On Sundays, they looked forward to putting on their "Sunday clothes" and going to church.  Walter and his family loved God and though they did not have much, they had a heart for others in need.  You could come to their home anytime and they were never too busy or sleepy and truly wanted you to feel welcome.  The Speight family were quick to show compassion and wouldn’t let you leave without having something to eat. 
Their family home was a place of refuge for many who needed a listening ear or a warm hug.  People were drawn to them and could count on having a fun time with them.  There was always laughter, good music, and love everywhere.  Walter and Hattie left us a wonderful legacy and we are grateful and proud we are their descendants. 
The generosity, compassion and talents of our ancestors have been passed down from generation to generation.  Still today, we are a family blessed to help and encourage others around us and give God the glory for it all.   
While family members in our 2nd and 3rd generations possess college degrees, some have amazing skills, though they never went to school to learn those skills.  We have builders, mechanics, poets, singers, musicians, beauticians, seamstresses, preachers, evangelists, business owners, writers, office directors, and computer technicians.  We are a blessed family and thank God for his mercy and grace throughout the years. 
We will always be the family that prays together and stays together
To God be the glory!
Walter and Hattie's Children
Walter and Hattie's Children